photo courtesy of Patchen Preston

photo courtesy of Patchen Preston

Memories of my first artistic experiences are of molding red clay excavated from the backyard gulley into small figures, along with painting cicada exoskeletons for decorations. My interest in art & design has continued evolving since my youth through informal & formal study of sculpture, furniture, and tree house design, to receiving national and international recognition for my work.

Skills include:

  • concept development

  • design & fabrication

  • industrial & furniture design

Past and present projects  include prototype development, hospitality lobby and dining furnishings, laser cut furniture & decorative accessories, to custom tent and Teepee designs currently under development as a passion project.


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for current pieces available please visit: capture the flag collective

Capture the Flag Creative is the collaboration of two long time friends who have served as muse and support for each others creative endeavors, Michael Brady and Heather Blaikie.

Heather paints, crafts and makes one of a kind jewelry pieces in San Francisco, while Michael is a furniture designer, tinkering with a variety of projects in Austin. We've developed a shared esthetic that combines sophistication and whimsy.